Pikes House Party – Every Saturday: A Night of Intrigue, Style, and Magic

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Are you ready for an extraordinary Saturday night adventure in Ibiza? Join us at Pikes House Party as we take you on a mesmerizing journey down the rabbit hole of excitement and entertainment.

Unleash the Fun

Every Saturday night, Pikes Ibiza opens its doors to party enthusiasts looking for an unparalleled experience. Wind your way through the Sunset Terrace, immerse yourself in the new look Bathtub Club, explore the enigmatic Freddies, and venture beyond to discover surprises awaiting you at every corner.

A Night to Remember

Our revered resident DJs, with their exceptional talent, will set the stage on fire, while special guest DJs bring their unique flavors to the mix. The eclectic music selection will keep you dancing till dawn, creating an ambiance of pure euphoria.

Entertainment Extravaganza

Prepare to be dazzled by eccentric entertainers and peculiar performers, whose acts weave together an enchanting and unforgettable night of intrigue and style. From mesmerizing dance performances to mind-bending illusions, the entertainment at Pikes House Party promises to leave you in awe.

Magic in the Air

There ain’t no party like a Pikes House Party! As the night unfolds, a sense of magic engulfs the venue. The electrifying atmosphere and the vibrant energy of the crowd blend harmoniously to create an enchanting aura that is hard to replicate.

Be Part of the Experience

Don’t miss out on the ultimate House Party in Ibiza. Get yourself on the guest list now and secure your spot for a night filled with excitement, style, and unforgettable memories.

For free guest list registration, visit Pikes Ibiza.