Ibiza Adventure Trail: Discover Na Coloms, The Cave of Light

Na Coloms

Embarking on the Odyssey: Na Coloms Unveiled

Ibiza Adventure Trail: A Journey into the Unknown

In the northern reaches of the enigmatic island of Ibiza lies a secret, a hidden treasure known as Na Coloms, or, as adventurous souls are now calling it, the Cave of Light. This mystical enclave has remained concealed from the masses, nestled in a realm that defies easy access.

The Quest for the Name: Unearthing Na Coloms “the Cave of Light”

What’s in a Name?

Na Coloms has recently captured the imagination of thrill-seekers, particularly mountaineering enthusiasts and scuba divers – the two primary avenues to this elusive haven. Much like other enigmatic spots on the island, think Atlantis versus Sa Pedrera, visitors to Ibiza have christened this place with a new name, bypassing the traditional toponymy of the area: Na Coloms. However, one must concede that “The Cave of Light” does justice to its name. If you arrive around noon and peer into the cave, you’ll witness sunlight streaming through the underwater gallery, illuminating this natural pool from the depths to the surface. Bathing in these waters must be a delight, but it’s crucial to acknowledge the dangers that come with it.

The Dark Legend of Na Coloms

Beauty and Danger Unite

While Na Coloms unquestionably boasts breathtaking beauty, we must sound a note of caution regarding swimming here. The cave resembles an inverted cup, meaning once you’re in the water, the only way out is to swim through the underwater gallery. Besides having strong lungs, you must don diving goggles and fins. In fact, we strongly recommend that only experienced divers venture here. Locals from Sant Mateu have heard tales of a tragic incident from years ago when someone was found lifeless in these waters, unable to find an exit. Perhaps that’s why the path leading to Na Coloms is now so neglected, a result of minimal foot traffic in the area. Nonetheless, even if you can’t take a dip, the journey itself is worth every effort.

Navigating the Enigma: How to Reach Na Coloms

The Path Less Traveled

The Ullal de Na Coloms is situated north of Sant Mateu d’Aubarca, even further north of Cala Aubarca.

The journey will take approximately an hour and a half (mostly downhill), with additional time required for the return trip. However, the journey to Na Coloms may take longer on the way there due to a lack of signage that could lead to detours. Additionally, the final descent involves some skill and extreme care on a rocky stretch.

We recommend embarking on this route during winter to escape the scorching heat. Exercise utmost caution, especially if there has been recent rainfall, as damp areas may lead to slippery surfaces. Along the way, you’ll encounter a typical landscape of northern Ibiza, complete with astonishing and unique rock formations.

Halfway through, you’ll follow a dirt path, which later transitions into an abandoned stone trail, relatively manageable and built to facilitate access to a stone house, now in ruins. From here, the trail becomes less distinct, and you must descend carefully towards the Cave of Light. Along the way, you’ll encounter the Font or aigueta de Na Coloms, a small spring that likely lent its name to the cave.

Conclusion: Na Coloms – Where Adventure Meets the Unknown

The Untamed Wilderness Beckons

In the aftermath of this journey, Na Coloms stands as a testament to Ibiza’s untamed spirit. While the investigation continues to unfold and the search for answers persists, the island’s resolve remains unshaken. In this enigmatic adventure, Na Coloms reveals Ibiza’s unyielding commitment to exploration, even in the face of the unknown.