Ibiza Radio

Ibiza Radio


Ibiza boasts a vibrant music culture, reflected in its diverse selection of Ibiza radio stations. Thanks to the digital revolution, stations like Ibiza Global Radio now have a global reach, attracting millions of listeners worldwide through online streaming.

  1. Ibiza Global Radio: Tune in to 97.6 FM if you’re on the island, or catch their live stream at www.ibizaglobalradio.com.

  2. Open Lab: Tune in to 106.4 FM or enjoy the beats online at www.openlab.fm

  3. Ibiza Sonica: Find them at 95.2 FM on the island, or groove to their live stream at www.ibizasonica.com.

  4. Ibiza Live Radio: Tune in to 103.7 FM locally, or stream their live broadcast at www.ibizaliveradio.com.

  5. Mambo Radio: Coming soon to a local frequency on the island! In the meantime, catch their live stream at www.cafemamboibiza.com.

  6. HFM Radio: Tune in to 94.4 FM or 94.6FM on the island, or listen to their live stream at www.hfmibiza.com.

  7. Cadena 100: Find them at 89.1 FM on the island, or enjoy their live stream at www.cadena100.es.

  8. JFK Ibiza Radio: Tune in to 100.3 FM locally, or stream their live broadcast at www.jfkibiza.com


Radio stations in Ibiza are an integral part of the island’s vibrant music and cultural scene. Known globally for their emphasis on electronic dance music, these stations reflect the energetic and diverse atmosphere of Ibiza. They play a crucial role in setting the mood for the island’s famous nightlife and clubbing scene, broadcasting a mix of house, techno, chillout, and electronic dance tunes.

Most of these stations offer online streaming, making their unique sound accessible worldwide. They cater to a bilingual audience, often broadcasting in both English and Spanish. This accessibility has helped spread the Ibiza club culture globally, connecting the island’s music scene with an international audience.

Apart from music, many Ibiza radio stations also feature talk shows, local news, and cultural programs. During the summer club season, these stations often ramp up their programming with live DJ sets, interviews with renowned artists, and coverage of major events and parties on the island. They also engage with their listeners through song requests and interactive segments.

The presence of guest DJs and performers, especially those prominent in the electronic music industry, is a regular feature, adding to the stations’ appeal. While electronic music dominates, some stations also explore other genres, offering a diverse listening experience.

Overall, Ibiza’s radio stations not only entertain but also play a significant role in broadcasting and shaping the cultural identity of this iconic island.


  1. What are some popular radio stations in Ibiza? Ibiza is home to several radio stations known for playing electronic dance music, chillout tunes, and local news. Some of the popular stations include Radio Ibiza, Ibiza Global Radio, and Ibiza Sonica Radio.

  2. Can I listen to radio stations from Ibiza online? Yes, most Ibiza radio stations offer online streaming through their websites or dedicated apps, allowing listeners worldwide to enjoy their music and programs.

  3. What type of music is commonly played on radio stations from Ibiza? Ibiza radio stations are famous for playing a mix of electronic dance music, house, techno, and chillout tracks, reflecting the island’s vibrant club culture.

  4. Do radio stations from Ibiza broadcast in English or Spanish? Many Ibiza radio stations broadcast in both English and Spanish, catering to the island’s diverse, international audience.

  5. Are there any talk shows or news segments on radio stations from Ibiza? Yes, alongside music, several stations have talk shows, local news segments, and cultural programs, providing a blend of entertainment and information.

  6. How can I find the frequencies for radio stations from Ibiza? The frequencies for each station can be found on their respective websites or by searching online for a list of Ibiza radio frequencies.

  7. Do Ibiza radio stations have special programs for the summer club season? Yes, during the summer club season, many stations have special programs featuring live DJ sets, interviews with artists, and coverage of major events on the island.

  8. Can I request songs on Ibiza radio stations? Some stations allow listeners to request songs, especially during certain programs or segments dedicated to audience interaction.

  9. Are there any radio stations in Ibiza that focus on genres other than electronic music? While electronic music dominates, there are stations that play a variety of genres including rock, pop, and traditional Spanish music.

  10. Do Ibiza radio stations host guest DJs or performers? Many Ibiza radio stations frequently host guest DJs and performers, especially those known in the electronic music scene, offering exclusive sets and interviews.