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From beaches to clubs, navigate Ibiza effortlessly with our ultimate guide to Ibiza taxi and private driver services.


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   Formentera           971 23 32 43


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Navigating the vibrant island of Ibiza, with its myriad of stunning beaches, iconic clubs, and picturesque landscapes, calls for reliable and convenient transportation. Whether you’re heading to a sun-soaked beach, a renowned nightclub, or simply exploring the island’s hidden gems, having access to trusted Ibiza taxi and private driver services is essential for a seamless Ibiza experience. The Ibiza Incorporated website serves as a comprehensive resource, providing visitors with a curated list of reputable Ibiza taxi and private driver contacts, ensuring your travel around the island is hassle-free and enjoyable.

Taxi Services in Ibiza

Ibiza’s taxi service is a convenient option for getting around, offering fixed rates and metered fares that give you peace of mind. The Ibiza Incorporated website lists the official Ibiza taxi numbers, allowing you to easily book a ride, whether you’re at the airport, your hotel, or anywhere else on the island. These taxis are identifiable by their distinctive green light, indicating availability, and offer a reliable means to navigate Ibiza’s bustling streets and serene countryside alike.

Private Driver Services

For those seeking a more personalised transportation experience, private driver services in Ibiza offer luxury and comfort. Whether you desire airport transfers, day tours, or a stylish ride for a night out, the Ibiza Incorporated website connects you with top-rated private driver services. These services provide not just transportation but a bespoke travel experience, with knowledgeable drivers who can offer insights into Ibiza’s culture and hidden treasures.

Why Choose Ibiza Taxi and Private Driver Services?

  • Convenience: Easy booking and availability, with services tailored to your schedule.
  • Safety: Trusted, professional drivers ensure your safety on the road.
  • Comfort: Air-conditioned vehicles and the option for luxury rides enhance your travel experience.
  • Local Knowledge: Drivers can offer valuable recommendations and insights into Ibiza’s best spots.

Booking Your Ride

Booking a Ibiza taxi or private driver is straightforward, thanks to the Ibiza Incorporated website. For taxis, direct contact numbers are provided for immediate bookings, while private driver services offer online reservations, ensuring your transportation is arranged before you even land on the island. This convenience allows you to focus on enjoying your Ibiza adventure, with the assurance that your transportation needs are covered.


Exploring Ibiza should be an adventure, not a hassle. With the Ibiza Incorporated website’s list of Ibiza taxi and private driver services, you’re equipped with reliable options to navigate the island at your leisure. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a taxi or the luxury of a private driver, your journey around Ibiza promises to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. Remember, planning your transportation in advance can enhance your Ibiza experience, leaving you free to immerse yourself in the island’s enchanting allure.